"Public Service is more than a job for me.  It is a call to serve! To serve the citizens of District 50, to make sure that each citizen has the same opportunity to succeed.  As a graduate of public schools, I understand the impact strong public schools have on the economy and success of a community.  I know that we need quality healthcare, safe and affordable housing, clean air and water.  We must focus on our infrastructure and transportation.  We are working hard to make sure these things become a reality.  I need your support to continue the fight!"



I am committed to education at all levels. Education is the difference maker in the lives of those who receive it and to the communities that have strong public education systems.  Our students deserve the best teachers and administrators, the best facilities and the best opportunities to learn and grow.

To have those things requires a state-wide commitment to every district regardless of size.  Our students are that important and their future is on the line.  I have been endorsed by MEA and the Public Education PAC because I am committed not to adequate funding but to full funding.  I understand that it is about more than dollars but dollars matter as well.

Parent, community and businesses must also be committed to pushing our children to the highest levels of success.


The American Dream has always been rooted in individual or family home ownership.  With stagnant wages and rising cost, that dream is beginning to slip away from many of our citizens in District 50 and beyond.  I have sponsored legislation to help first-time homeowners prepare to purchase and maintain ownership of their own home.


With a growing number of health disparities, Mississippi has a large need for healthcare funding.  I am aware that many individuals lack access to quality healthcare. I have always supported rural healthcare initiatives including: tele-medicine,  rural nurse and doctor program that will allow coverage and services.



A thriving community needs strong stable infrastructure to grow.  Infrastructure is a critical component of economic success.  Here in Mississippi the need to revamp how we fund infrastructure is key to our growth and development as we compete with other states and nations to showcase the business and academic opportunities we possess.  

This will require knowledge and understanding of the appropriation cycle to prevent over/under spending in creating safe roads and highways.


Clean air and water are vital to the continued growth of communities.  It is a health issues and well as a economic development issue.  Support of measures to improve the quality of both air and water must at the forefront of communities and state wide development plans.